As we start the new year, hospitality professionals can look forward to a raft of new opportunities and some challenges as well.  Review the trends below to see what’s ahead for the industry in the coming months and put these ideas to work for you.

Local Transportation Partnerships

To better accommodate out of town visitors, hotels are expanding their partnerships with local transportation companies. While shuttles between the airport and hotel are common, many properties are adding transit options for guests throughout their stay. To increase guest satisfaction, you should look into partnering with rental cars and limo companies to service your guests throughout their stay.

Increased Online Reservation Integration

More and more guests are booking reservations online before visiting your hotel. As a result, seamless booking services and technology integration are becoming industry norms. Third-party services now need to connect to your property management system for seamless booking processes. This will provide a hassle-free process for your staff and a better overall experience for your guests.

Minimalist, Natural Designs

Hotels are moving away from cluttered, colorful room designs. The new trend is minimalist, natural designs for every room. Focusing on clean lines, soft whites, and deep colors that pop against the rest of the room will boost your property’s style factor. Wallpaper is out of fashion, with painted walls being the preference. In addition, guests enjoy real plants in their rooms – forgo the plastic and fake arrangements for natural decor.

Create a Private, Custom Experience

Not all guests crave the traditional hotel experience. More people are looking for private getaways to escape the hustle and bustle of your city or hotel. Consider creating private spaces for guests on your property. Offer private pools, chefs, or other amenities for a premium fee. This will boost your marketability to these guests while increasing potential revenue.

Incorporate Sustainability

Guests are becoming increasingly aware of the eco-friendliness of their hotels. Many will not stay at a hotel that is not sustainable. You should consider the environmental impact of your hotel’s amenities and take action to make them “green.” For example, consider installing automatic light switches to save energy, or installing Energy Star certified appliances in all the rooms.

Outsourcing to Cut Costs

Outsourcing staffing of certain general labor positions, such as housekeepers, maintenance, and laundry personnel, can save money and free up time for management to devote to other initiatives.  Hospitality staffing agencies supply screened, reliable laborers to meet a property’s varying needs each week and assume much of the financial risk since the workers are employed by the agency, not the hotel.

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