Are you tired of processing payroll? Do you have a big event coming up and need some extra staff? Are you considering the option of working with a temp staffing company, but you want to know how it works? It’s easy to start the process of leasing labor. It allows you to save time, cut costs, and focus on more important things in your business.

What Is Leased Labor?

CBS Staffing acts as your virtual HR office. We recruit employees, verify their background and references, perform drug testing, if needed, and put them to work to fill your specific needs. We handle their payroll and benefits because they are our employees.

The employer merely contracts with the leased labor company to supply a certain amount of staff, detailing the needs and requirements to fill the positions. Once the staff is onsite, you manage their work as you would any other employee. Day-to-day assignments and job duties are fulfilled according to your specifications.

As your staffing needs change you can adjust the number of workers or their hours without the added burden of laying off employees or hiring and training replacements.

Benefits of Leased labor

There are many benefits to leased labor.

Do away with the time and expense of processing payroll and remitting payroll taxes. Avoid the extra cost of health insurance and paid time off. Customize your staff size to meet your daily needs to better manage your bottom line.

CBS Staffing is a second generation family-owned business, and we treat our employees like family. Our stable workforce is there to fill the gaps so you avoid being short staffed, or they are your permanent staff to supplement your daily operational needs.

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