Employee loyalty is a valuable commodity because it is much harder and more costly to hire and train new employees than to keep loyal, hard-working people on staff. You can save significant money and energy by mastering employee loyalty and minimizing turnover rates. Use these proven strategies from the staffing solution experts at CBS Staffing.

Hire the Right People, Right from the Start

A major mistake that’s common in companies suffering high turnover is hiring the wrong people for the job. Making a poor hiring decision from the beginning will start the employee off on the wrong foot at the company. You can’t force the wrong person to fit, and it’s a waste of resources to try. Hire the right person the very first time by identifying key skills, traits and qualities of employees that are good at the job and like it.  Then, write interview questions that will help you identify the best candidates.

Pay Attention to Employee Needs

Keeping employees happy is so important. The better you address the needs and desires of your staff members, the more likely they will be to stick around instead of moving on. This includes offering proper compensation and benefits packages, but it also deals with non-financial job perks. Listen to your staff members, find out what they want from a job (more schedule flexibility, training opportunities, etc.) and fulfill their needs to the best of your abilities.

Treat Your Employees Well

Keeping your employees and enjoying the benefits of low turnover can be as simple as treating your staff well. The hospitality, food and beverage, and health care industries are all high-turnover fields; yet many companies have cracked the code on how to keep employees happy for the long run. The secret is often in how the employer treats the workers day to day. Let your employees know how important they are to the company through meaningful communication, engagement, and positive company culture.

Partner with CBS Staffing

Companies that hire their workers through a proven hospitality staffing company experience less turnover than their competitors. CBS staffing treats employees like family, offering benefits and paid vacations. When you hire your workers through us, you get team players who are highly satisfied in their positions. You can minimize turnover, cut costs, and enjoy the many benefits of a loyal workforce without the struggle. Contact us to learn more!