The phrase “dress to impress” is never more important than in the workplace. What you wear during the job interview, the first day on the job, and every day thereafter can change the way employers and others think of you. Keep your look professional and appropriate for the hospitality industry for your best chance at career success. Use these tips to get you started on good grooming at a hotel job or something similar in the hospitality industry.

Leave a Great First Impression

It’s incredibly important to dress well for your hospitality job interview. Good grooming and professional attire can make you stand out from your competition. Arrive dressed in something similar to what the position calls for, but perhaps slightly more formal for the interview. For example, if you’re interviewing for a hotel housekeeping position, slacks/skirt and a button-up shirt would be appropriate. Wear your hair in a simple yet polished style.

Don’t sell yourself short by underdressing. Even if you’re interviewing for a job as a room attendant or maintenance person, dress to impress. Show the employer you’re serious about the job by arriving dressed like a professional. No matter what your on-the-job uniform will look like, dress according to professional business standards for the interview. That means no sweats, jeans, or flip flops!

Show Up Clean and Polished Daily

Once you have the job, it’s up to the employer to dictate dress code. Make sure you know what you are expected to wear, be that a uniform or your own attire. Most employee handbooks will contain this information, but if it’s not clear, ask your supervisor what to wear. Your uniform will change from place to place, but in general, the following guidelines are appropriate in the hospitality industry:

  • Professional business attire (suit, pants, button-down, dress, blazer, etc.)
  • Business casual attire, if in a casual atmosphere or back-of-house staff
  • Avoid heavy makeup and flashy jewelry
  • Keep clothing colors neutral, not bold or patterned
  • Wear comfortable, appropriate shoes
  • Show up in clean, washed, and ironed clothing
  • Simple, neat hairstyle that isn’t distracting

No matter what the specifics of your outfit are, make sure you show up at work clean, well-groomed, and ready to go. Don’t arrive disheveled (your shirt untucked, your hair not done, etc.) or only half-ready. Instead, arrive completely put together and ready to get to work the moment you clock in. Finishing your grooming routine at work is unprofessional. Show up dressed to impress and ready to work.

Prove Your Dedication to the Job

Over time, don’t let your appearance or personal grooming at work take a backseat. You might get more comfortable in your position, but that doesn’t mean you can start letting your standards slip. Instead, continue showing up in your best attire. That will help you gain the right kind of attention from hotel guests and higher-ups. When it comes time to select someone for a promotion, your commitment to professionalism and appearance will reflect well on your character. If you’re looking for a hotel or hospitality position, call CBS Staffing.