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Job Posted January 1, 2021

Valid Until December 31, 2021

Reports To: Chef

Job Description

To represent the highest standard of excellence in kitchen cleanliness and organization.

The primary purpose of the steward position is ensuring the kitchen is clean, well maintained and organized at all times. The Kitchen Steward will maintain a proper level of clean inventory with a high standard of cleanliness according to the sanitation code. The Kitchen Steward, upon demonstrated job performance excellence, will be considered for numerous growth opportunities.

Duties and Responsibilities

Steward Jobs Opening Duties:

  • Sign in on the timesheet and check the communications binder or board for announcements and memos.
  • Ensure all equipment is clean and in good working order
  • Check all chemical levels and inventory
  • Review Banquet Event Orders
  • Set up stations

Steward Jobs Shift Duties:

  • Adhere to all sanitation guidelines
  • Assist the Cooks and Servers as necessary
  • Dispose of waste
  • Ensure all items are clean according to sanitation guidelines
  • Maintain a clean and organized work area
  • Monitor proper tank temperatures and chemicals
  • Record all breakage

Steward Jobs Closing Duties:

  • Complete day-end dishwasher maintenance
  • Clean all soiled items
  • Dispose of all broken items in the proper area
  • Remove trash and waste
  • Clean, sanitize and close workstations.


  • Bend and stretch frequently
  • Handle a fast-paced environment
  • Lift, balance and carry trays of up to 20 lbs. during your shift
  • Perform all duties in a hot and humid environment
  • Stand, walk and remain on feet and perform job duties for entire shift duration
  • Work quickly and quietly.

Hiring Organization:

CBS Staffing

Website: Apply Online


11325 Tantor Road Dallas, TX 75229

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