Nursing Home & Assisted Living Housekeeping Staff

Use CBS-Staffing to Hire Medical Facility Housekeepers

Finding reliable housekeeping workers can be difficult. This employment segment experiences a notoriously high rate of turnover, at about 73% percent. By contrast, the retail industry only experiences a turnover rate of 27%.

Staffing your nursing home also presents unique challenges. Aside from having to continually hire and train new employees, nursing homes and assisted living facilities follow specialized processes for the containment and disposal of medical waste. This requires on-the-job training and additional expense. Due to the rate of in-house turnover and additional processes required to ready medical housekeeping staff for work, many health care companies are choosing to outsource their hiring function to staffing agencies, saving both time and money.

 Benefits of Letting CBS-Staffing Supply Your Nursing Home Housekeeping Staff

A nursing home or assisted living housekeeper from CBS-Staffing arrives fully screened and ready to begin work. Ideally, a qualified medical housekeeper will:

    • Be familiar with the processes required to maintain a sterile environment. Medical housekeepers may clean areas like examination areas and patient rooms. Since some nursing home residents have vulnerable immune systems, attention to detail is essential to keep spaces germ-free.
    • Collect dirty resident linens and distribute new ones, streamlining facility operations and maximizing comfort.
    • Aid in the inventory of medical housekeeping supplies by completing logs, keeping tabs on equipment, and notifying management as necessary when supplies run low.
    • Follow best practices for maintaining a sterile environment and observe all facility policies.

Streamline the Hiring and Retention Process

Hiring and training an employee can cost thousands of dollars, and your nursing home or assisted living facility could be losing money if you experience a high rate of turnover. With CBS-Staffing, you can experience a simplified hiring process, as employees are already background-checked, trained, and ready to begin employment. The workers we provide are CBS employees, which means we handle the costs of employment such as insurance and payroll taxes. Our employees have a high rate of retention because we are family-owned and treat our workers as such, offering uncommon benefits to the industry such as paid vacation days and referral bonuses.