Light Industrial Staffing Services

Light Industrial Staffing

CBS-Staffing can work with your organization to meet your needs for light industrial staff whether you are just getting started, you are expanding your business, or things are going great and you need a little extra help meeting demand!   We do the work recruiting, screening, and evaluating applicants.  All you have to do is give us your criteria and we will do the rest.

CBS-Staffing can help simplify your hiring process by filling the following light industrial and warehouse positions:

  • Loader/unloader
  • Picker/packer
  • Warehouse inventory clerk
  • Shipping/receiving personnel
  • Order puller
  • Forklift driver/operator
  • Facilities engineer
  • Arc welder
  • Quality control technician

Benefits of working with CBS-Staffing

When you work with CBS-Staffing for light industrial staffing, you enjoy many benefits.  You save the time and headaches that come with recruiting, screening, and evaluating candidates for your light industrial jobs.  You don’t have to worry about over or under staffing because we work with you to adjust workforce levels as needed.  And, you don’t forget the financial benefits! Because the workers we place are our employees, we take care of the payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, benefits, overhead and administrative costs.

Our Commitment to Safety

We value our employees and consider their safety a top priority.  CBS-Staffing is focused on serving the needs of our customers and providing a safe workplace for our employees.  Consequently, we take compliance and safety matters very seriously. We are committed to rigorously meeting or exceeding all safety standards.

Contact CBS-Staffing today to get started with our light industrial staffing services!  Give us a call today at (972) 506-7770.