Hotel Staffing Solutions

CBS-Staffing is Your Hotel Staffing Solution

Keeping the right number of general and skilled labor hotel workers on the job at all times is a challenge for hotel management.  Needs change from week to week and it’s difficult to find and keep reliable, competent, trusted staff members.  Never fear – CBS-Staffing is here to take care of your hotel and hospitality staffing needs.

We know the needs of hotel labor staffing backwards and forwards.  We’ve been supplying hotels, resorts, conference centers, and event venues with porters, maintenance engineers, room attendants and other general and skilled labor across Texas for more than 20 years.

CBS-Staffing can help you fill the following positions:

Benefits of Using CBS-Staffing to Supply Your Hotel’s Labor

  • We work with you to establish your employee criteria. Then we handle interviews, verification, and compliance matters. All you have to do is give final approve on the candidates we send.
  • We supply motivated staff who want to meet or exceed your expectations. They know if they perform, they will be recognized for a job well done and be rewarded with growth opportunities.
  • These workers are our employees. We take on employment costs such as payroll taxes, workers’ compensation insurance and benefits. This saves you money!
  • These employees are loyal. CBS-Staffing is a family-owned business that treats our employees like a member of the family. Our attractive benefit includes paid days off, affordable health care coverage, interest free loans and referral bonuses, just to name a few.

Don’t hesitate! Delegate the responsibility of finding hotel staff to us! Contact CBS-Staffing today at (866) 506-7770.