The hospitality industry is more competitive than ever. Hotels must perform better in all departments, including the housekeeping department. Here are some of the most pressing challenges hotel executives face and some strategies to handle them:

  1. Staff Recruitment and Retention

Recruiting and retaining top-quality staff has become even more important as the travel sector continues to grow. Finding the right talent and maintaining appropriate housekeeping staff levels have been longstanding issues for executive housekeepers.

High turnover rate is also an issue for hotels, leading to increased hiring and training costs. In fact, in non-managerial positions, turnover rates can be as high as 50%. Partnering with a hospitality staffing agency is a good way to control costs and reduce employee turnover.  Hotel staffing companies like CBS-Staffing recruit and place high-quality, thoroughly vetted talent that will be more likely to stay.  CBS employs the workers, covering payroll taxes and workers’ comp and providing benefits (such as paid time off and access to health insurance).  These factors work together to minimize financial risk for the hotel, making CBS-Staffing employees an excellent choice with no downside.

  1. Reputation

In today’s digital world, hotels are constantly under scrutiny from demanding customers and the need to garner positive reviews. Negative online reviews complaining about room cleanliness or an unkempt lobby can damage a hotel’s reputation and business.

Hiring talented individuals who take pride in keeping rooms and common areas clean is one way hotels can help maintain strong online reputations. Relying on a hospitality staffing company to supply your department with vetted and motivated workers takes one more job off your plate and helps save money.

  1. Security

Finally, security is always a concern for hotels, especially in today’s modern world. It’s essential to recruit and retain background-checked employees that take pride in the hotel’s success and the safety of its guests.

Today’s tourism market is growing, and it will only continue to expand as the economy improves. Hiring and retaining hard-working employees is essential for rooms directors and other hotel executives. CBS-Staffing supplies hotels with staff that have been background-checked and e-Verified to help you provide quality service to your customers and reduce employee turnover. Contact CBS-Staffing to learn more about how we can help your business today.