Corporate Building Services has partnered with Floyd Consulting to offer a groundbreaking professional development and life-coaching course, the Dream Manager Program, which is designed to help individuals and companies reimagine and expand their futures.   Newly appointed Dream Manager Art Morales will support and guide CBS employees on the road to achieve their personal dreams while they increase their productivity and happiness in the workplace.

CBS President and CEO Sarah Boltz Byrne said, “We are thrilled to offer this personal development program to our employees to shift their thinking from ‘you have to work to survive,’ to ‘I am working for a purpose.”  Morales added, “For many years I would listen to the hopes and dreams of our employees wishing I could do more than just listen.  Now we can work together to make those dreams a reality!”

The 10-year old Dream Manager Program is well-known among Fortune 500 companies and other businesses for building loyalty and staff engagement while building a cohesive, enthusiastic, efficient team that is invested in their organization.  This engagement creates strong competitive advantages in the marketplace.

“There are hundreds of team-building exercises that companies implement every day, but many seem forced, and most people feel some level of discomfort participating. The key to successful team-building is creating a unity while celebrating the individuality of each member— common purpose colliding with unique contributions.”Matthew Kelly

The passion of dreams is contagious and is key to the program having revolutionized the corporate world.  When people are passionate about their personal dreams and feel supported by their leaders, that passion overflows into organizational dreams. Organizations with a Dream Manager have experienced improved teamwork, increased business performance, identification of future leaders/managers, a greater connection between managers and employees, and an overall reduction of employee turnover