It’s no secret.  Maintaining proper staffing levels is no easy task for managers in the hospitality industry.  When staff turnover is high, you can spend weeks trying to find the right people to fill your open positions. From marketing to screening to training and more, hiring housekeepers, laundry attendants, engineering staff, and other positions can be a significant source of stress.

However, there is a solution–using a hospitality temporary staffing company. These staffing services facilitate the recruitment and hiring process for you, saving you time, hassle, and money. When you use a staffing company you free up your managers to devote time and energy to other tasks.

#1: Facilitated Recruitment and Hiring

Hiring employees is a lengthy and tiresome process. From reading through applications, contacting potential hires, and sitting through multiple interviews, how are you supposed to find time to handle other responsibilities?

CBS-Staffing will handle this portion of the talent recruitment journey on your behalf – just tell us what your staffing needs are, and we will find talented, qualified individuals to fill them. Our services include:

  • Marketing open positions
  • Inviting qualified applicants to interview
  • Pre-screening applicants prior to the interview
  • Performing necessary background checks
  • Conducting detailed interviews
  • Checking applicants’ references

#2: Lower Financial Burden

Hiring and training can be expensive in terms of time and resources. By hiring a hospitality temp agency, such as CBS-Staffing, you can significantly lower your financial burden. We cover the hiring process for you, so that you can save time and money by focusing on your business.

Hiring a staffing agency will also help you cut down on losses related to short staffing. We provide the employees we hire on your behalf with benefits and workers’ compensation insurance so that you do not have to pay those expenses. In addition, we cover payroll taxes. When you work with CBS-Staffing, you save money and protect your business from additional liability.

#3: Decreased Instances of Short Staffing and Overtime

Nothing can harm a well-oiled hotel more than short-staffing.  Your staffing needs fluctuate each week. You can’t afford to keep workers on the payroll when you don’t have enough work for them to do.  But what happens if workers quit unexpectedly?  And what do you do when your need for housekeepers and other hourly workers spikes?   You may have to ask employees to work overtime, which is quite costly.

With a hospitality staffing agency, you significantly reduce the amount of time your hotel is short-staffed. When you have a relationship with a hospitality staffing company like CBS-Staffing, we fulfill your varying staffing needs each week from our experienced talent pool.  This ensures that you are always staffed at the optimal level.

#4: Employees That Meet Your Needs

CBS-Staffing works with you and gets to know your staffing requirements, inside and out.  Rest assured, we do our due diligence to find employees that meet your employment requirements.  Our team become your partners in the hospitality.  We work beside you from day one, from Sales to Accounting and everything in-between, to ensure you have a hassle-free experience.

If you need hospitality temp agency to supply labor for your hotel, resort, event venue, or other property, Contact CBS-Staffing today!