Quality control is an essential aspect of your business process. Highly motivated, focused quality control technicians play a crucial role in protecting your business integrity. Unfortunately, the grueling nature of the work means that quality control technicians can have a high turnover rate. Choosing screened, qualified workers through an employment agency can help save you time, money, and frustration when another technician leaves. Learn to simplify your search and ensure you always have qualified Quality Control Technicians.

What Makes for a Qualified Quality Control Technician?

A Quality Control Technician is part of the quality assurance team and makes sure that everyone on the production floor follows appropriate procedures. The American Society of Quality establishes that the five main duties of a quality control technician are: (1) to prepare inspection instructions and other plans; (2) to analyze the production process and brainstorm potential solutions; (3) to prepare procedures that assures quality on the production floor; (4) to train inspectors, and (5) to perform audits in order to identify any potential issues in the production process.

Quality Control Technicians must have the knowledge to comply with industry-recognized certifications such as ISO 9000. A QCT’s job description may vary depending on what the company needs; for example, some companies require that QCTs resolve issues that arise from equipment problems, while some enlist QCTs to ensure the execution of countermeasures. Since the job duties can fluctuate by field and even by the product being produced, it is essential to hire QCTs who are:

  • Highly analytical
  • Excellent communicators
  • Willing to work as a team
  • Detail-oriented
  • Have good computer skills
  • Excellent oral and written presentation skills
  • Ability to liaise between departments

Make the QCT Hiring Process Simple

Finding the right employee, going through the hiring process, and providing on-the-job training can cost thousands of dollars. High turnover rates can lead to serious losses. With CBS-Staffing, you can skip the headache of finding and hiring new employees, as our workers are already vetted, background checked, and ready for work. CBS-Staffing workers remain our employees, so you can save money on things like payroll taxes, benefits, and insurance. CBS is proud to have a high retention rate because of the benefits we can offer, such as paid time off and bonuses for making referrals.