Hotel management is a tough job, particularly when it comes to staffing. Finding good employees to perform essential tasks such as keeping the hotel lobbies, guest rooms and kitchens clean and in top shape can be difficult. Hiring and retaining employees can be costly in terms of time and effort.  Maintaining appropriate staffing levels is a challenge when needs change from week to week.  You need to have the right number of employees on hand, but not too many.  Hotel personnel is a major expenditure and mistakes in this area can do serious damage to the financial health of your property. So how do you strike the right balance without wasting money or being shorthanded?

One way to defray financial risk associated with hotel personnel is to use a hospitality staffing company. Many room directors use hospitality staffing services to find their housekeepers, porters, stewards and engineering staff on an ongoing basis. Staffing companies such as CBS-Staffing help hotels decrease the financial risk associated with hiring and retaining personnel by providing a turnkey solution to solve hotel labor needs.

Hospitality Staffing Services Lessen a Hotel’s Financial Burden

The cost of hiring and training new employees in the hotel industry is high. Posting job advertisements, reviewing applications and conducting interviews takes time away from other tasks that demand your attention. When you contact CBS-Staffing to fill positions in your hotel, our team will work closely with you to determine what type of personnel your hotel needs to succeed.  We take care of the recruiting and hiring, saving you time and money.  We find the right employees who can fill the open positions and hire them for you, as our employees, so you can focus on running your property. CBS-Staffing will work closely with you to meet your varying staffing needs each and every week and fill any unexpected labor shortages you might have.

CBS-Staffing helps you save money another way too.  Since the personnel that work in your hotel work for CBS, we assume the cost of payroll taxes, benefits, and worker’s compensation insurance.  This takes a significant expenditure off of your books, freeing up that money for you to use in other ways.  You’ll save money and protect your property by defraying these costs and the legal and compliance risks that go with them.

Ready to hire excellent employees for your hotel? Contact CBS-Staffing to learn more about our long-term staffing services and find your dream personnel today!