The Overtime Problem

If you own a hotel, you know the stress of being short-staffed. Whether you have several employees out sick or need to fill multiple vacancies, short-staffing can cause some serious headaches for you and your management team. If your employees aren’t showing up for their shifts or you simply do not have enough people to keep up with demand, more work falls on the people who do show up – and you must pay lots of overtime.

There is a simple way to avoid accruing overtime charges that doesn’t involve a lengthy and expensive hiring process: recruiting the services of a hospitality staffing company such as CBS-Staffing. With our long-term staffing solutions, you can recruit and retain top-quality employees for your unskilled positions and avoid overtime charges at the same time.

How Overtime Charges Accrue

Say your property has a staff of five housekeepers who cover regular weekday hours and only two part-time housekeepers who cover the weekend shifts, depending on availability and the week’s business. If one of the part-time housekeepers calls in sick or doesn’t show up for the weekend shift, you will have to ask another housekeeper to work extra hours.

Depending on your state’s laws, you will need to pay this housekeeper a certain amount of overtime. Overtime can be incredibly expensive. For example, in the state of Texas, an employee working overtime will receive pay of 1.5 times the regular rate of pay. If the housekeeper needs to work a full eight-hour shift, this cost will rack up quickly.

However, you need to schedule this housekeeper for an extra shift to keep your property clean and comfortable for your guests. You’re now forced to make a difficult and expensive financial decision.

How CBS-Staffing Can Help

When you use the services of CBS-Staffing for your hospitality staff, you won’t have to worry about short-staffing at all, let alone overtime pay. That’s because CBS-Staffing performs weekly check-ins with hotel owners to review personnel capacity and adjust staffing levels based on owners’ needs, current occupancy, and the season.

When you always have the right number of workers on the job, you won’t run into a difficult short-staffing situation again. When you don’t run into a short-staffing situation, you don’t have to pay overtime – simple as that.

Are you ready to recruit and retain excellent hospitality personnel for your housekeeping or kitchen staffing needs? Contact CBS-Staffing today to learn more about our efficient long-term staffing solutions.