What to Look for in a Hospitality Staffing Firm

As a hiring manager, it’s your job to find the right fit for your hotel’s unique staffing needs. You can narrow down the ideal hospitality staffing firm for you with just a few of the right questions. Be 100% confident in your decision by asking prospective firms the following questions during agency interviews. Doing your homework can help you find the hospitality staffing agency best suited for you.

Do You Specialize in the Hospitality Industry?

You absolutely must partner with a staffing firm that specializes in hires for the hospitality industry. Hospitality is a complex industry with unique staffing needs and considerations. A firm that doesn’t offer employees with specific training in hospitality can’t predict your needs. Make sure the staffing solution specializes in hospitality, with tailored onboarding and training processes specifically for companies in hospitality.

What Types of Hospitality Positions Can You Fill?

Whether you’re looking to fill specific job opening with a hard-working, loyal employee or want a staffing company to fulfill all your staffing needs, ask what types of hospitality positions the firm has available. Request a list of hospitality team positions the company fills. If you don’t see the type of workers you will need, ask for more options during the agency interview.

What Sets You Apart from Other Staffing Firms?

The agency you work with should be able to list concrete ways in which it differs from its competition. For example, the exceptional skill of its available employees, the screening processes it employs, its staffing management solutions, or its values as a firm should set it apart from the competition. Ask what value the firm can deliver that others cannot.

What Are Your Company Values?

It’s not enough for a hospitality staffing agency to have all the right things on paper – its values and principles must align with yours to be the ideal fit. The best staffing companies don’t center business around the bottom line alone. Instead, guiding principles should include customer service, employee satisfaction, business integrity, and innovations for constant improvement. As an example, explore the values at CBS Staffing.

CBS Staffing Has What You’re Looking For

CBS Staffing is a trusted and reliable source for hospitality staffing solutions. We hire, train and place hospitality workers according to our high employment standards. We handle the entire screening process, including background checks and I-9 verification, and use training techniques uniquely equipped for employees in the hospitality industry. Our team can your organization with dependable, hard-working, and loyal hospitality workers who are dedicated to your success. Contact us to learn how we can meet your needs.