If your organization relies on labor to clean and operate its hotels, restaurants, industrial kitchens, or any other labor-intensive, service-oriented businesses, CBS staffing can simplify your hiring process. For 20 years, CBS has provided staffing and temporary service employees to companies in need. We provide staffing options for all manual labor positions. Hotels, food service companies, and other service industries turn to us for reliable staffing needs.

Choosing a Staffing Service

Manual labor positions are prone to high turnover rates. Many companies struggle to find good, reliable help that will stay for the long-term. Here at CBS, we do the work for you. Instead of filling positions for your company, you can work toward other goals while we do the hiring and personnel management legwork.

We keep an active pool of employees to fill the needs of employers. You can hire our workers on a temporary, short, or long-term basis. This flexibility allows for companies to utilize employees on an as-needed basis. When business is booming, your company can employ a larger workforce to meet demand. In the slower times, you may not need so many employees. Instead of hiring and firing with the season, CBS will provide workers to fit your schedule.

CBS Staffing services are more cost effective than the traditional hiring model. We employ the workers as our own, so your business does not need to provide benefits or worker’s compensation. CBS has it covered. Additionally, you will save on the cost of recruiting and training. We will find qualified employees who are already trained for the job.

Options Available

We provide labor based on your business needs. Our pool of employees consists of:

  • Hotel staff
  • Housekeepers
  • Banquet servers
  • Prep cooks
  • Maintenance and porters
  • Laundry
  • Engineering

We thoroughly vet our employees with screening and background checks. They will come to you experienced and ready to work. We have built our business on relationships with our employees and business clients, so we always make sure it’s a good fit before placement. We want your business to succeed and we are here to help.

The CBS Advantage

Instead of spending your time browsing through resumes of unqualified candidates, let us fill your service needs. Our available database of employees allows for fast placement when you are in need of good help. We will work with you to fulfill your hourly employee staffing needs for events, projects, busy or not-so-busy seasons. Call us today to find out how we can help you avoid the hassles of recruitment and onboarding.