The seasonal nature of many hotels, resorts and food service operations make maintaining proper staffing levels a constant challenge. Hotels in many locations typically see an increase in occupancy during peak vacation times. Banquet halls and caterers are often busiest in months popular for weddings and during the holidays. As business ebbs and flows, labor needs rise and fall accordingly, causing significant fluctuation in the number of workers hospitality companies can afford to keep on staff.

Staying Fully Staffed a Challenge

While the hospitality industry has a great need for seasonal workers, these positions may be more difficult to fill. Most workers want the security of regular, full-time employment. Those that do accept seasonal positions may be less reliable because they know the position is only temporary; they may continue to pursue full-time employment and move on at the first opportunity.

Hospitality Staffing Solution

CBS Staffing cures the headaches suffered by so many hospitality companies by supplying staffing on a needs-based system. Personnel from CBS remain employees of our company, which means we take care of background checks, benefits, and workers’ compensation costs. Our services allow companies to change employee orders weekly, without further obligation. If your business requires 20 employees in the summer and only five during the winter, we can arrange that. The employees will remain with us as full-time employees, easing the burden on your company. When you’re not employing them, we will find positions for our employees elsewhere, providing them with full-time work.

Types of Businesses Using Hospitality Staffing:


Hotel business fluctuates constantly, depending on the season and local events. This makes maintaining the appropriate number of housekeepers, day porters, housemen, maintenance and laundry workers a constant balancing act. CBS Staffing employs workers skilled in all these positions who are trained and ready to report to work.

Banquet Halls

Banquet halls are busy during the holidays and wedding season. The process of planning events is labor intensive, and finding appropriate staffing makes it more difficult. CBS staffing provides banquet servers, supervisors, prep cooks, banquet housemen, and any other staff needed to accommodate your guests.

Event Centers

Event centers also require temporary employees for security and food service. We have trained personnel ready to go for these events. Just call us to place an order, and your staffing will be set.


Manufacturing companies often have changing production rates due to demand. We have a current pool of manufacturing and engineering personnel to meet your needs.

Food Service Providers

We have a pool of trained food service workers available for your needs. Employees will work on an as-needed basis and be available when you need them.

Leave the recruiting, onboarding, and training to us. The process of finding and retaining employees is our full-time job; it shouldn’t be yours. If you’re looking for temporary, short-term, or long-term hospitality employees, we have exactly the people you need. Call us today.