Corporate Building Services (CBS) Staffing is a premier solution for job-seekers in and around Dallas and the Southwest. When you go to work with CBS Staffing you don’t just get a job, you join a family. People love working for CBS Staffing because we take care of our employees, offering steady employment and great benefits.  Even better, we give our workers who want to move up the opportunity to take on more challenging work in positions with more responsibility.

Grow with Us at CBS

At CBS Staffing, we give our workers the training and skills to be successful at each rung of the ladder.  Once you master the job you have, you may apply for a supervisory position. You might begin with us in one job, and progress through many positions, learning new skills and taking on more responsibility with each move. You might even have the chance to work at the CBS Staffing corporate headquarters.  Several of our front office employees at CBS began out in the field and worked their way up to the positions they have now helping to place workers with our customers. There is always room for growth and advancement at CBS.  We want you to soar!

Many Job Opportunities Available

At the heart of our ability to provide solid job opportunities is our network of employers. We have hundreds of jobs posted in our database, waiting for hard workers like you. You can grow as a person and as an employee thanks to the connections you can find through CBS Staffing. Working with us means you’ll always be work for a variety of companies, take advantage of new learning opportunities, seek out more responsibility, and pursue the career you want.

Easy to Start Your Career

If you’re ready to get started, take a look at our open hospitality jobs, then fill out a contact form, call us at (866) 506-7770, or come by CBS Staffing today.