Breaking into any field can be difficult, especially if you’re just starting out in an industry. Even entry-level positions will prioritize applicants who can demonstrate some type of related experience. However, that does not mean it’s impossible to get a job when you don’t have experience.

For those seeking work in the hotel industry, here are some tips that can help you land that job you’re aiming for.

Be Punctual

Whether you’re interviewing or already working, arriving on time at a hotel is essential. A hotel operates 24-hours a day and it must be staffed round the clock.  If you are late, or don’t show up, you are putting coworkers who must cover for you in a bind. Arriving on time shows that you’re committed to your work and that you respect others. Allow extra time to get to work in case you miss your bus or traffic is heavier than usual. The more you can limit your potential for tardiness, the more value you’ll have as a potential employee.

Have a Great Attitude

Hotels are part of the hospitality industry, so customer service is an essential component of nearly every job in the house. This applies even to the cleaning and maintenance staff; hotel housekeepers, engineers, porters and other staff members see and speak to customers every day. The people making the hiring decisions value your attitude just as much as the rest of your qualifications. Make sure you go into your interview with a positive attitude and enthusiasm for your work.

The Customer Is Always Right

What does it mean to deliver good service?  Most of your duties while working in a hotel focus require creating and maintaining a warm, welcoming environment for all guests. Be prepared to answer interview questions about what quality guest service means to you and how you would handle a scenario with an upset guest.

Seek Help From a Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies can be a great benefit to you in any job search, and you should consider one when trying to break into the hotel industry. Many hotels use hospitality staffing agencies to fill many of their positions on an ongoing basis. A hospitality staffing agency can help you determine what type of position best suits your skills, then provide the training necessary to do the job, and place you in jobs with companies looking for hardworking people like you.

Hospitality staffing companies like CBS staffing work with hotels, resorts, conference centers, event venues and many other types of organizations that must be fully staffed at all times.  These businesses rely on staffing agencies to hire, train and place the reliable, dedicated workers that will keep their operations running smoothly.  People who work with staffing companies are placed in positions with hotels, resorts, restaurants, and businesses in other industries with tremendous opportunities for learning and growth.

When you work with hospitality placement company CBS Staffing, you don’t actually work for the hotel, you work for us.  We provide an amazing benefits package to our employees that includes paid overtime, paid vacation days, affordable health care coverage, interest free loans, and bonuses for referring others to work with us.  When you work with CBS, you become part of our team and you have the opportunity to learn and grow from one of the best hospitality staffing companies in the Southwest.

If you have a great attitude, understand great customer service, and are enthusiastic about working in a hotel, come talk to us. Let our team at CBS Staffing provide our resources and be your gateway to the job you want!