Hiring staff members you can consistently rely on is a difficult feat in the food and beverage industry. Restaurant jobs aren’t for everyone. As a manager or business owner, it becomes your responsibility to deal with a last-minute schedule and staffing changes as they arise. With a few tips, however, filling restaurant job vacancies doesn’t have to be difficult. Start with learning what not to do when hiring. Then, visit CBS Staffing to outfit your restaurant with a stellar staff of prep-cooks, dishwashers and night cleaners.

1. Failing to Prioritize Staffing

It can be easy to let employee hiring fall to the wayside when you’re running a busy restaurant. Amid food shipments, customer service, and juggling server schedules, you might not dedicate as much time as you should toward finding the ideal hire to fill your vacant position. Failing to make your staff a priority, however, could result in higher turnover rates than you would otherwise have.

Solution: Take the time to find the right people to help run your restaurant – not just the first available. Make staffing a main business priority.

2. Inadequately Explaining the Responsibilities of the Role

Many employees, especially those new to the food and beverage industry, aren’t prepared to take on the challenges and responsibilities these jobs require. This can lead to new hires becoming overwhelmed in their first days and quitting – wasting money on hiring and training processes. Being clear about the role in the initial job description can help clear up misconceptions and prevent an employee from quitting shortly after hire. You can find someone who is ready and willing without the price of trial and error.

Solution: Post a detailed description of the vacancy, complete with the job duties, responsibilities, and required prerequisites. The more details you include in your job listing, the better your odds of finding someone ready.

3. Hiring Employees on Your Own

You are most likely the restaurant owner or manager in charge of multiple business processes, not just hiring. Don’t try to fill vacancies on your own. Instead, trust this task to professionals to save tons of time and money on failed hires.

Solution: Use CBS Staffing instead. CBS Staffing has solutions to your restaurant staffing problems. We can help your company achieve its fullest potential by providing experienced, qualified, and friendly food and beverage employees. Contact us about staffing your restaurant today!